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Ángela Hoyos & Juan Hernández


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Miniperformance Kinetic Sound Sculpture

Wood model by musician/artist Carlos Godoy created from his memories of an Ulrica Duo's concert. As an automated performance this piece has been presented in Bogotá, Gothenburg, and Bergen, at BEK Center.

Stamina Quimera, Aliento Cuerpo Selenio and Selenium Gym are a series of performance works the duo is been developing with a poetic insight on the physical training we follow participating in Body Combat™, Fencing and Pilates classes.

These activities opened for us a number of questions around the way arts and sports can contrast and paralell at the same time, and bear potential creative universes at the crossroads of the singular spheres they put in motion. Clips: https://vimeo.com/ulricaduo

Señorita Etc...Interactive Sound installation based on a stridentist short novel by Mexican writer Arqueles Vela. Collective artwork by Juan Hernández, Ángela Hoyos, Marcela Cabrera and Diego Herrera

Links: http://senoritaetc.wordpress.com/ - http://vimeo.com/senoritaetc 

OBS! Sound Photo walk. Taste, see and feel what you are surrounded by as you listen with your headphones to the sounds we gathered and processed. http://obs-obs.blogspot.com/

v r n 0 0 1, Interactive Sound Sculpture based on Voronoi Patterns

Documentation and image gallery: http://vrn001.blogspot.com/