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Juan Hernández and Ángela Hoyos play together in a duo project called Ulrica Duo, experimenting and improvising with sound – to movement – to color synesthesia, and creating scenes in which the presence of the performers draws morphing characters.   Ulrica Duo's music is created with the computer, and performed with wearable devices, and other physical interfaces.

CV - Arts Research / Education

Juan and Ángela work as teachers in the Schools of Music (Arts Faculty) and Aesthetics (Architecture and Design Faculty) at Javeriana University, in Bogotá. They are currently developing research projects at the university related to cross-modal perception in artworks involving media technologies, focusing on synesthesia and kinesthesia.

Juan has a BA on Music with a minor on Sound Engineering, and Ángela has a BSc in Electronics Engineering. Between 2007 and 2009 they studied at the C:Art: Media program in Gothenburg, Sweden, and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts with specialization in Digital Media.

Concerts / Performances / Exhibitions 2007- 2017




DiverCiudad2017, concert, Teatrino Don Eloy, 15/09, Bogotá

Stamina Quimera, performance, Activating Inclusive Soundscapes Conference, 8-9/07, Huddersfield / UK

P f W f P, screening at Cinemateca Distrital, III Encuentro de Arte y Ciencia, 6/04, Bogotá


Artists Presentation, II Encuentro Javeriano de Arte y Creatividad, 12-16/09, Bogotá

Improvisation and Experimental Music Festival', *matik-matik* space, 24-27/08, Bogotá

Colibrimorfosis, Soundscape Composition, presented at FOFA: Futuros Asimétricos, Digital Arts Online Festival, organized by Autonomous University of Mexico State, 1-3/06


Stamina Quimera Performances:

STOFF Stockholm Fringe Festival, Unga Klara Theater, 24/10, Sweden

Cinnober Theater, 21-23/10, Gothenburg, Sweden

Koloni Junius Festival, Skjul Fyra Sex Space, 27/06, Gothenburg, Sweden

Aliento Cuerpo Selenio Performances:

* León de Greiff Auditorium, Contemporary Music Concerts, 17/04, Bogotá [review]

* Martes Musical, Pablo VI Auditorium, 16/04, Bogotá

Artist Residency at Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden


Oto no akari performance, at Interferencias Teatro Vreve - Adra Danza Space, 12/14

Selenio GYM Concert, Martes Musical, Pablo VI Auditorium, 30/09, Bogotá Colombia


Señorita Etc, concerts at the exhibitions' openings, 08/03/13, El Tintal City Library - 20/04/13 Tunal City Library - 15/06/13 Julio Mario SantoDomingo Cultural Center, Bogotá [review]


Koloni Ramberget's Summer Festival, 30/06, Gothenburg, Sweden

Ulrica (Toy)'s Mini-Tour, 06/12-08/12, Norway/Sweden

Concert, 13/04, Auditorio Teresa Cuervo Borda, Museo Nacional, Bogotá

Concert, 28/03, Instrucciones/Obstrucciones exhibition,Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá


v r n 0 0 1, Atico building, Javeriana University, 03/11-05/11, Bogotá, Colombia

Selenio 06, *matik-matik*, 06/10, Bogotá, Colombia

Telestesia, Atico building, Javeriana University, 05/03-05/05, Bogotá, Colombia

Festival de Artes de la Ciudadela, 03/27, Bogotá, Colombia


Ático building, Javeriana University, 10/28, Bogotá, Colombia

Otto de Greiff Auditorium, 10/16, Bogotá, Colombia

Martes Musical, Pablo VI Auditorium, 09/28, Bogotá, Colombia


* Matik-Matik* Café, 11/26, Bogotá, Colombia, review

Valand School of Fine Arts, C:Art:Media Degree Show, 05/03-04/18, Gothenburg, Sweden,

[Variables of Attraction exhibition's catalogue]

Siren Festival for Classic and Contemporary Music, 03/19, Gothenburg, Sweden


Seriously, get personal! Galleri 54, 11/27, Gothenburg, Sweden

Sundborn goes extreme again, Röhsska Museet, 11/25, Gothenburg, Sweden


Evil&Tall, Atalante Theatre, 09/23, Gothenburg, Sweden


Installation works 2008-2017


In Process: 'A Surprise for Emilio' Automated Installation

Señorita Etc..., interactive sound installation, City MegaBibliotecas, 03-07/ 2013, Bogotá, Colombia

Obs!, Instrucciones/Obstrucciones exhibition, Pablo VI building, 03/2012, Bogotá, Colombia

v r n 0 0 1, Atico building, 11/2011, Bogotá, Colombia

América inventada, Parqueadero laboratorio artístico, 03/2011, Bogotá, Colombia

See me, Crank me, Elevate me! Rotor 2 Galleri, 05/2008, Gothenburg, Sweden

Hopprep! story teller toy, Rotor 2 Galleri, 03/2008, Gothenburg, Sweden