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Catalogues / Published Articles and Music by Ángela Hoyos and Juan Hernández


Article: Señorita Etc... The Instalation and the Stridentist Avant-Garde Movement. Editorial PUJ, 2016.

Article: Miniperformance / Cross-Modal Perception Processes.. Book: Aesthetics and Open Systems. Editorial PUJ. 2013



Article Habitar el umbral entre continuidad e intermitencia (link)

Journal of music, visual and performing arts, Vol. 5, 2010.



CD nästa (2010). Experimental pop.

Buy virtually at bandcamp, or in Bogotá at *matik-matik*..


Catalogue for the exhibition Variables of Attraction, C: Art: Media graduate students presentation.

at Konsthögskolan Valand, 2009. Texts by David Crawford.


Master thesis texts:

Mytomachines: Suspended, Fallen and Jumping Cyborgs, by Ángela Hoyos

Chans: The Automatic Variations, Time and Presence in Automatic bai Chans, by Juan Hernández