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Stamina Quimera / Aliento Cuerpo Selenio / Selenium Gym


---The dancer is fighting ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sounds and lights are triggered through wearable devices while-------------------------------------------------The morphing shadows he resists and stops, come and go ...


--The fencer is chasing away a floating creature-------------------------------------------------------------Switching weapons, tricking the opponent, fixing colorful targets--------------------------------------Will she reach the luminous figures in the bizarre constellations' map?


Presented at *** Casa González Fencing Club, León de Greiff Auditorium in Bogotá

*** Cinnober Theatre in Gothenburg, Fringe Festival / Unga Clara Theatre in Stockholm

Photos by Matteo Prezioso


Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces / Diverciudad 2017

Programming the jacket and the gloves sensors,
using Pure Data and Arduino Xbee



she warns them: "en garde!",
while he jumps


when silence comes in colored dancing shadows


قنديل البحر, pronounced ‘qndyl albahr’,

is arabic for jelly fish -

bewitching word to evoke

this uncanny mobile presence


Presented at Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield, UK

                                Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces 2017 Conference

                       Teatrino Don Eloy, Bogotá / DiverCiudad2017

Photos by Laura Muñoz and Susie Green